Wednesday, March 14, 2007

15 killed over the weekend.

85 since the start of the year. No, it’s not Baghdad.
It’s Israel.
On the roads.

Jaffa oranges, diamonds and Israel Military Products aside, Israel is notorious for high numbers of traffic accidents and fatalities.

Sometimes it’s because they didn’t stop at a red light or a junction...
Sometimes it’s because they were speeding...
Or under the influence of alcohol...
Sometimes they lose control of the wheel...
Or fall asleep...

And the list goes on.
The Government and the Police wake up every so often and announce yet another new program to fight death on the roads.
The media play their part in bringing the gruesome pictures to the people.
And there are programs in school to teach kids of the dangers from a very early age.

And now, after a particularly rough start to the Year, the Internal Security Minister is calling for emergency measures. Again.

Something is not working here.
And it can’t just be human nature or human error. It can’t just be lack of care or the recklessness of younger drivers.
No, I don’t have a magic solution, but I know that much more can and should be

Is enough money devoted to prevention?
Have we studied traffic rules and enforcements in countries with much lower accident statistics?
And applied the conclusions?

And have we taught our children well enough that the most valuable thing in the whole wide world is LIFE?

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