Thursday, July 13, 2006


Once again the temperature is rising in Israel and with pleasant, sunny days come the waves of enthusiastic tourists to drink coffee at one of Sheinken’s cafes, to see a new exhibit at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, or just plainly to relax and rest on one of Tel Aviv’s gorgeous beaches.

Israeli life is more active with hustling and bustling than ever before. Whether
tourist or a Sabra, there’s something going on and there’s not a thing to be missed. The summer sun has taken hold and is bringing people out of their winter hibernation in unimaginable numbers and believe me they are enjoying themselves. Word on the street is that the beach is the place to be. New bathing suits. Non-stop paddle ball. Wind surfing. Tanning. You name it and people are doing it. The list of summer fun activities is endless. If you can, why not book your El Al place ticket right now! And if not, you can always hop on over to our website and check up on the latest in Israel Military Product’s newest gear. There is no better way to share in the summer fun than with a cool new IDF shirt. Take a look through the site and you will find we still have a great selection of IDF shirts including the elite Golani unit, the highly reputable Paratroopers, the formidable Air Force, and the much beloved and mysterious Mossad. Speaking of our fine new Mossad t-shirts, starting July 15th and continuing until July 19th is a very special IMP SALE. Every purchase you make over $10, you will receive a Mossad t-shirt for no additional charge. Here at Israeli Military Products we don’t want the summer fun to ever end. Now, don’t be afraid to express the bareness of your arms in any of our high quality, high in demand t-shirts. Just be ready to pass on the word when your friends eagerly ask where you got your awesome new t-shirt.

In other news, immigration of North American Jewry is at an all time high. This past month nearly 300 immigrants who made Aliyah through the Nefesh B’Nefesh program arrived in Israel. For us in Israel, we are always elated when our fellow Jews decide to make the big move to Israel. We look forward to their participation and contribution to greater good of Israeli society. It is a shame that someone of them missed the opportunity to serve in the IDF, a foundational Israeli experience, but here at IMP we will have no problem helping them find authentic army products to satisfy their appetite for the army experience.

On a less sunny note, but no less heat-ridden, Israeli politics are flaring wide. Newspaper headlines with the latest in Israeli news are rolling hot off the presses. You may or may not know, but Israel is currently embroiled in the midst of another confrontation with its Palestinian neighbors. Two weeks ago, an Israeli soldier was kidnapped by a Palestinian terrorist organization. A tragic occurrence at a time when Israel is doing more than ever to usher in peace and stop terrorist attacks against its people. Here’s one of the recent headlines from the Jerusalem Post: Mashaal: Shalit will be kept alive and be treated as POW. We are deeply concerned about his condition and we hope for his quick return home and to his family. Fortunately for Shalit, the IDF is doing everything in its power to rescue its soldier.

In response to continued Qassam rocket firings against Israeli towns such as Sderot and Ashkelon as well as the kidnapping of Cpl. Gilad Shalit, the IDF has been conducting military operations in Gaza to thwart terrorist organizations from having the opportunity to continue their attacks against Israel. Additionally, the IDF is strategically attacking key points in the Gaza Strip in order to hinder the movement of Shalit outside of Gaza. Thus far, the Israeli government as well as the IDF are generating a tremendous effort to retrieve Galit without causing any Palestinian casualties and without the intention of re-occupying the Gaza Strip.

At such strenuous times, it is always important to create a solidarity among those living in Israel and those living outside of the country. If you wish to express connection to Israel and those who are fighting for its security and well-being on a daily basis, please feel free to look at the variety - Headlines