Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ears, Hats and Pockets

Purim is the happiest day in the Jewish calendar.

The evil Haman had planned to annihilate the Jewish people and Queen Esther thwarted his wicked plan.

Haman was hung on a tree to dry and the Jews celebrate Purim to this day.

Lots of food. Lots of drink.

And lots of giving gifts to others.

That’s what Judaism’s all about I suppose!

Although we’d rather keep old Haman hanging in suspense, there’s an ancient tradition him in one form or another!

Hamantashen is a triangular-shaped pastry traditionally served on Purim.

The original recipe contained poppy seed filling. The name came from poppy seed treats called “Mantashen.”

Some joker distorted it to “Hamantashen” which means “Haman's pockets” in Yiddish.

Some authorities claim he wore a three-cornered hat, (how do they know?) and that’s why the pastry is triangular.

In Hebrew, the pastry is called “Oznei Haman,” Haman's ears.

This could be because he was rather embarrassed when his evil plot was revealed.
Could his ears have been red?

Was Haman the first Communist?
Or maybe he should have just listened to his mother, who asked him to buy her one of these collectors-item sterling silver Hamentashen

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