Sunday, March 18, 2007

Have We Really Left Egypt?

Ayal Yerushalmi, an Israeli motor sports enthusiast and motorbike rider, took part in the Rally of the Pharaohs in Egypt. He had a serious accident that paralyzed him for life.

His sponsors (and employers) had not taken out suitable insurance for him and refused to take any responsibility after the accident.
And what’s worse is the Israeli courts accepted their argument.


Well, the bottom line was “they weren’t obliged by law to insure Yerushalmi in this particular situation.”

The law is an ass.

In contrast to real life sport in Israel, Frankie Dunn, Maggie Fitzgerald’s trainer in the movie,” Million Dollar Baby” does all in his power to ensure his paralyzed charge gets the best treatment and sticks with her throughout.

That’s just common sense.
Simple human decency.
And to hell with the law.

As the Jewish people approach Passover, the festival celebrating the Exodus from Egypt, what are we celebrating?

Freedom from the heartless, barbaric, murderous regime of the Pharaohs?

Freedom from the selfishness, immorality and promiscuity of Egyptian life?

Yes we are. Partly.

But leaving all that behind doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference if we don’t do what’s right and show care and compassion to our fellow human beings.

Yes, law is important, but caring for others is above and beyond.

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