Sunday, May 27, 2007

Keep it in the Family

Another week begins in Israel...A shooting attack in Jerusalem...The police on highest alert...The IDF attacking Gaza... And another 22 Kassams.Not to mention the race for the leadership of the Labor Party, which will be decided Monday.

And Arkady Gaidamek, the Russian tycoon who stepped in to provide Sderot residents with some refuge by setting up a temporary accommodation in Tel Aviv.

Well I suppose that’s good news.

Someone actually doing something for the benefit of others.
Someone realizing that the people of Sderot are our people, our brothers and sisters.
That Sderot today can be Haifa or Jerusalem tomorrow...
The time has come for the Jewish people to realize we’re all in this together.

Hamas couldn’t care less whether you’re religious or secular, Labor or Likud.
And if not Hamas, then Hezbollah or Ahmedijan.
Like Haman and Hitler before them. They want all Jews out.

And if you need proof it’s not just a war against Israel, look at the increased anti-Semitism in Europe since the IDF’s attacks in Gaza.
(Hundreds of similar attacks also occurred in 2000-2001 as well.)

The Jewish people are under threat. Again.

Now is not the time to attack each other.
Now is the time to realize we’re one family.
I don’t expect all members of a family to agree with each other...

And yes, there are families in which siblings don’t even speak to each other.

But I bet that 99% of the time, family members would do all in their power to protect the lives of their parents, brothers, sisters and children.

Now is the time to put our differences in perspective and understand we have much more in common than we tend to think.

Like life, for example.
Let Hamas and Fatah kill each other.
Israel, and Jews, are different.
Every Jew is connected to every other Jew, whether in Ashkelon, Australia or America.
That’s just how it is.

And the sooner we realize that, the safer we’ll be.

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