Sunday, May 20, 2007

Israel Needs Something More

Another 9 Kassam rockets last night...
More targeted IAF attacks on Hamas strongholds...
And the cycle of pointless and endless violence continues...

It’s a cycle that’s been revolving since 1948, and – in its present format – since the first Intifada.

Nothing has changed.

And nothing will, unless Israel drastically changes track.
Well that’s not strictly true. If Israel keeps up its reactive, targeted attack policy (which has got us nowhere), the Hamas, Hezbollah and our other friendly neighbors will continue to laugh at us and gently send their rockets over the fence every day until they get what they want.

After all, they forced Israel to evacuate Gush Katif with this policy. They humiliated Israel in the Second Lebanon War with this policy, so why should they stop?

Israel must do what it has to do. No fear. No hesitation.

Israeli citizens are being attacked every day.
This is not the time for “protecting innocent Palestinians.”

This is not the time for worrying “what the world will say” or “how Bush will react.”

Israel must finally realize that its future is in its own hands. And it has to take the lead in the war against evil because no-one else will.

Now is the time to allow the IDF to do what it’s supposed to do: defend Israel. And that’s by giving them free rein to eliminate Hamas in Gaza.

No more political diplomacy. At least not with Hamas.

When you’re dealing with a bunch of terrorists, you have to talk in their language.

Israeli citizens have a basic right to live without the daily threat of Kassam rockets over their heads.

And normal Palestinian citizens have a right to live without tyranny and fear...

Yes, do it by trying to minimize loss of innocent lives...

Yes, do it by giving a 48-hour ultimatum for those that want to leave Gaza...

Yes do it, by clearly explaining to the world what we’re about to do...

But DO IT!

Before it’s too late...

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