Monday, January 15, 2007

The Real Thing

Today’s headline in The Jerusalem Post:
“IDF delighted with new head of UNIFIL”
Condoleezza’s here again to discuss roadmaps.
And Ehud’s deliberately holding back on attacking Gaza because he wants to show the world we’re serious about peace.
Hezbollah are regrouping after the summer... Gilad Shalit, Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser
are still in captivity... And the Palestinians have fired over 100 Kassam
Rockets into Israel since the so-called ceasefire.

Israel is REAL!
I remember a Ministry of Tourism slogan some years back: Israel Is Real!

Yes, Israel is real.
But so are Hamas rockets, Hezbollah Katyushas and Ahmanijad.
When are we going to realize that we cannot rely on UNIFIL, Condoleezza or the world to get us out of this mess?

We have a strong army. We have a strong spirit.
But when are we going to get real? Before... or after it’s too late?

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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I heard you. You need to get 'tough'!! but let's go back to summer of 2006. You were 'tough and real' and you've lost drastically. And you also lost trust among people, and Dan Halutz and others like him are doomed to failure. U.S. is not happy with Israel cos' nothing have achieved according to their plan. Hizbullah got even stronger and so is Hamas and Jihad. and so on and on.
You guys should get 'real' and stop getting your nose ditched. Zionism is not healthy, believe me. - Headlines