Thursday, January 11, 2007

One Soldier. One Army

I gave Chaim a ride today. Chaim’s a 20-year old soldier.
And he’s getting married in two months time.
Until that wonderful day, he’ll still have to carry out his routine army duties with his elite unit in Shechem.
Chaim and thousands of other young Israeli soldiers are putting their lives on the line every day.

All we hear are the headlines:
“The IDF arrested 11 Hamas activists in Shechem
last night.”

“The IDF captured the leader of Islamic Jihad
in Jenin yesterday.”

“IDF bombs Ramallah”

But let us remember that our IDF is made up of lots of Chaims and Davids and Jonathans...
They have mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters like you and me...
And they’re not reading this on their computer in the comfort of their warm and cozy homes.
They’re risking their lives so the people of Israel can live a normal life and so you can come visit in perfect safety...
Remember the IDF in your prayers today, think of those brave young men...
And spare a thought for Chaim’s bride...

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damnationali said...

Fortunately some of us read between headlines and remember that history has a funny way of being 'adjusted to fit' - or not being taught at all as is the case here in the UK, now.

A little real history learned and understood - and those 'IDF bully' scare headlines would not be so effective, would they? I am old enough to remember the aftermath of WWII, you see. I was horrified that as far as the 'National Curriculum' of the UK is concerned, history apparently began with selected parts of WWII - nothing of its causes or any of the 'unpleasant' bits . . .

Convenient for some people, I suppose.
You are in my heart and mind always; the fight for freedom and a home is the only one worth fighting.

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