Monday, July 02, 2007

Haste is From the Devil

Temperatures have returned to normal after last week’s record electricity consumption in Israel...

After demonstrations and anger at President Katsav’s plea bargain...

And after gasoline prices rose again last night by 1.65%.

Yes, Israel is definitely a high energy, hot-blooded country.

A country of Jews from Morocco, Yemen, Spain, Germany, Hungary, England, France, India, Iraq, Canada, you name it – we all develop a Middle Eastern mentality within minutes of landing at Ben-Gurion Airport!

And that means no patience.

We replace our prime ministers With alarming frequency...

We sack soccer and basketball coaches after one season...

And we can’t wait for the Palestinians to prove they’re serious about peace, because...

Because Olmert and Co – just like those before them – want to engrave their names in the annals of history?

Because we’ve just had enough. The people are tired and just want to stop fighting. It’s not peace but at least it’s quiet.

Because Uncle Sam is pushing and pressurizing and bribing?

Because if the Government haven’t got the Palestinians to bother with, they might be
forced to do something about unemployment, poverty, crime?

Because we no longer believe in the justice of our cause?

Because we feel we owe the Palestinians for all the years of suffering?

All of the above?

Whatever the reason, Israel’s repeated and incessant urgency to make progress
in the ‘peace process’ (irrespective of what the other side does or doesn’t do),
needs reassessing. STOP! THINK!

Look at the facts!

At the Palestinians’ track record of keeping agreements...

At what happens when you give them guns, concessions, money...

At what happens when you give them Gush Katif...

Peace is not Pizza!

Two wise men put it very well:

“Desire to have things done quickly prevents their being done thoroughly.”

“Fraud and deceit are ever in a hurry. Take time for all things. Great haste makes great waste.” (Benjamin Franklin)

The Jewish people have waited over 2,000 years.

We can wait some more. What’s the rush?

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