Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How to Understand the Media

So what’s new in Israel at the start of another week?

Well, we’re another week closer to the school holidays (I’m still in denial.)

And the dollar’s thankfully climbing up again.

And somewhere up there in the headlines is the Jihad spokesman saying: “We wanted to return with a kidnapped soldier.”

He is of course referring to the failed attempt (Saturday) by a 4-man heavily-armed terror cell. They managed to infiltrate into Israel but the IDF caught them before they had a chance to do any damage.

That’s pretty serious, right?

Solid proof about who the terrorists, the aggressors, the inhumane kidnappers are, right?

Something the world should know before they accuse Israel of all sorts of despicable crimes, right?

When was the last time Israel’ terrorists kidnapped a 19-year old soldier from a neighboring army?

Anyway, let’s see if the world media has put this on their front pages this morning...


Well in the 12 Top Stories we have Paris Hilton, the Belmont Stakes, Bush ‘in awe’ of the Pope and cyclists losing their clothes in an oil protest.

All of course critical to world peace.

Ahh, but wait! Here’s something. When you click on ‘Latest Updates,’ one of the stories begins:
“Israeli airstrikes target Gaza locations”
And the last paragraph of that piece reads
(my underlines):
“On Saturday, one Palestinian militant was killed when a small group of Palestinian gunmen crossed the border and engaged Israel Defense Forces in the Kissufim area of Israel, Palestinian sources said. The gunmen crossed the border in a Jeep and exchanged gunfire with the IDF, according to an IDF spokesman. It was unclear who fired first. An Israeli official said the purpose of the gunmen was apparently to kidnap an Israeli soldier. The IDF would not confirm the Sunday airstrikes were retaliation for that incident.”
Ummm, no terrorists here. And was the poor “militant” part of this “small group” or not?

And kidnapping soldiers does not seem to be such a big deal, does it?

And if the airstrike was retaliation, maybe this could have been the first paragraph in the article to indicate that Israel was not the aggressor in this instance?

OK. Thanks CNN for your unbiased reporting.

What about the BBC?

No. Didn’t make the front page.

How about Middle East news?

Ah! Here it is! A secondary link:

“Gaza militants launch Israel raid”

At least that’s a headline accusing someone else...

And those annoying militants get everywhere don’t they?

But if you read on, apart from the militants, the story actually does seem quite unbiased:

Although there’s only a minor mention of abducting a soldier.

OK. Let’s try one more.


Here we have a “Rival Palestinian factions fight Gaza gun battles” headline link.

But no mention of the terror cell or any planned kidnaps.

This is nothing new.

Media bias against Israel and the refusal to call terrorists terrorists is as much a fact of life as waking up in the morning.

I don’t blame them.

Paris Hilton in jail and naked cyclists are far more interesting and sell much better
than yet another Middle East incident. But our role is not to believe the media.

Our role is to know the facts and know why Israel is fighting the Palestinians.

And appreciate why kidnapping soldiers is such a serious offence against humanity.

Let’s face it.

Israel is by no means perfect.

But this is a war we have to win.

And if after 9/11, dozens of bus bombings in Israel and elsewhere, kidnapped soldiers,
Muslim riots in Europe, Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah and more,

Israelis, World Jewry and our other supporters are not 100% convinced
of that, What will it take to convince them?

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