Sunday, June 17, 2007


Has the world woken up now?

Have Bush and Rice seen sense?

Have Olmert, Peres, Barak and the rest of the Israeli Left recognized their mistakes over the last decades?

Do they finally understand you cannot make peace with terrorists?
People (a compliment) for whom human life is disposable.
Who have no god but themselves...
People who cannot be trusted to keep any agreement...
Who do not know the meaning of the word compromise, or mercy.
Peace is not just the absence of war.
Peace is that two peoples can live side by side without fear.

Open borders; healthy economies,sharing resources...

Yes, there is a Palestinian people who want to live a quiet, normal life like you and me.

Who want to see their children educated, prosperous and living in a reality free of hatred and bloodshed.

But if we haven’t heard their voice yet, what chance do they have now?

Dear President Bush, Prime Minister Olmert and other world leaders with a conscience, Now is the time to FIGHT terror And wipe out this cancer.
No negotiations. No summits. No superficial Saudi suggestions.

Yes, do your best to save innocent lives by all means.
But the aim must be to eliminate Hamas. And all it represents.

Not only for the survival of Israel, but for the sanity of the whole
wide world.

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