Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Holocaust Choice – Man or Beast?

Monday, April 16 is Holocaust Memorial Day in Israel.

62 years later and the questions remain as fresh as ever.

Yes we can spend the day discussing and philosophizing about God’s whereabouts between 1939-1945 or – for that matter – Man’s whereabouts too.

But will that get us anywhere?

Because if we conclude that God’s to blame, then we must surely conclude he’s also to blame for establishing the State of Israel three years after the war.

And if we think Man’s to blame,
then what’s new? He’s also to blame
for Somalia, Serbia, 9/11, Iraq and any
other major disaster in history.

All of which just leaves us more frustrated, confused and depressed.
And sometimes there just are no answers.
As a wise man once said,” Faith begins where human intelligence ends.”

So how can we take a positive, practical message from Holocaust Day 2007?

The Holocaust teaches us that human beings have the potential to rise to the heights of angels...
Or plunge to the depths of depravity.
62 years later, we have the same choice.
Each and every one of us.

As we live our lives, we have that choice every single day.

Are you going to fall victim to your basest desires or are you going to follow your greatest destiny?

It’s good vs. evil.
In you.
The choice is yours.

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