Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Celebrating Pesach in Israel

The Passover Season is even more special when celebrated in Israel.
The entire country becomes involved and this includes even grocery stores are restaurants, including 'fast food' ones where hamburgers are mostly sold in special rolls made from matzo meal. During the days proceeding the first Seder night, households can be seen vigorously preparing for the holiday by cleaning and throwing out unwanted items.

"Doing Pesach" becomes interpreted as a very thorough Spring cleaning, and most religious homes are already 'kosher for Pesach' as much as two weeks before the holiday really begins. The night before the Seder, families symbolically search throughout the house for pieces of 'hametz' which is taken outside and burned before Passover Seder eve. On the evening of the Seder, literally thousands of cars can be seen heading towards places where families will come together to partake in the Passover meal.

The first and last days of Pesach are official Israeli holidays, and even during the interim or 'Chol Hamoed' days many people are on holiday, often traveling to national parks and other holiday sites around the country.

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