Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Solution to Evil

I was in England a couple of weeks ago.

Prime Minister Tony Blair was being questioned for his possible involvement in an honors scandal.
And nine Muslims were arrested in Birmingham for allegedly planning to kidnap and behead a Muslim soldier in the British army.
In Israel, the Prime Minister/President is always under police scrutiny.
And the IDF are arresting Hamas, Jihad and Fatah activists every day.

Would it be too simplistic to suggest that
a. Power corrupts
b. Fundamental Islam is a real threat to the civilized world?

Would it be even more simplistic to suggest the solution to these two problems is in our hands?
1. We should not actively be looking to attain positions of power.
If we are worthy in our deeds and actions we will have power bestowed upon us.
Take the example of Moses at the burning bush. He argued with God for a week,
claiming his unsuitability to be a leader.
(And if Bush had also taken Moses’ lead, maybe there would be a lot less burning in Iraq.)
Moses was such a good leader precisely because he didn’t want to be one.

2. The answer to evil is good.
No-one has ever solved the problem of irrational, insane, inhuman terror.
No threat, no punishment, no army and no government.
Just like in the movies, it’s good versus evil, cops versus robbers.
The world is finely balanced. It could go either way.
But the more good each of us does will counteract the evil they do.
They think they know what’s right.
We know what’s right (otherwise why make a fuss of Blair, Olmert, Katsav, John McCain or anybody else?)

So let’s just do the right thing. For the world’s sake.

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